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A cat named Christmas

So earlier I let Huxley into the sun room. I heard him howling and growling, and I got up to see what this was about. I knew that Manzi wasn't near him or bothering him, so I was confused. Lo and behold there was a kitty on the deck, ie Huxley's territory. At first I thought it was our neighbor's cat, but it wasn't.
I put some food out for it. Huxley watched it still growling; Lillestrom, Manzi, my mom and I watched it in a somewhat entertaining manner.
My mom was staying how we should bring it in. Every time I went into the sun room it would run away, so I was thinking that would be somewhat impossible.
We finally decided to let it sleep in the sunroom and made it a nice little place to sleep, eat, poo.

Unfortunately, Huxley was not impressed. He kept growling. Apparently the cat got pretty scared and ran into 2 of my mom's crystal vases that she (stupidly) keeps in the sun room. One shattered all over the floor, and the cat jumped up.
By the time I got into the sun room, the cat was on top of the blinds trying to walk around the perimeter of the room.
I was scared of stepping on glass, the cat stepping on glass, the cat hurting itself and the cat hurting me. My mom told me that the cat needed to leave. So I sadly opened the door and let the cat escape. It gladly ran out.

I spent the rest of the night cleaning up the broken pieces in the cold sun room. I felt so so cold in there, and I began to feel regret. I don't know if this cat has owners, is an outdoors cat or what.
It made me even more worried because so many places are closed on Saturday so I couldn't really call a vet or animal authority to have it checked out.

When it ran out, it seemed to instinctively go towards the western neighbors... I really hope that it's their cat.

I would have loved to have taken it in, Doug was suggesting we take him in and name him Jesus or Christmas. The way Huxley was reacting though, I just didn't want to have any more issues. Manzi is already a handful, and I simply can't afford another pet.

I'm still so worried about it. I keep peering out the window to see if it returned. I feel bad that my mom's vases broke (seeing as how they were like $200), but who puts that stuff in the sun room anyway?


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