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Hooray for nightmares.

Oddly enough, someone posted about having nightmares on facebook and I suggested Disney cartoons.
About a week after that, I have been having non-stop nightmares to the point that I wake up crying and exhausted.

Last night, I had a dream that I was in a small resort area. It was almost like a commune. There was a boy who raped me and beat me. No one believed me though, because I look like me, and he was 'attractive'. Within my dream he continued to taunt me and beat me, threatening to kill me and no one I told believed me. He kept saying that I was just crazy. The police said that my bruise pattern looked similar to falling down a cliff (buh?). The boy kept saying that I was mentally ill and don't know what I was talking about. Because of all of the things that were going on, I was beginning to go crazy with fear and anxiety and depression.
I woke up crying.

In another dream, my parents were visiting some fancy city. They asked me where to go, and I told them that they really need to see the ABC building or whatever. I hang up with them and watch tv. About 30 minutes later, there's a breaking news alert that the ABC building has been bombed and exploded and there were very few survivors. I immediately break into tears convinced that my parents are dead. I call them hoping that they didn't end up going, but their phones don't answer. After 2 days, I accept that my parents are dead and begin telling people and start crying non stop pretty much. Then, a week later, My parents show up at their house and give me a hug. I am both mad and relieved, and think that I am going crazy. I wake up.

And another dream involved Doug and I taking care of Huxley at our house in Ann Arbor. I come home from school and he's missing. After three days, Huxley appears in our backyard by the fence gate and he is filthy and looks so scraggly and sick. I bring him in immediately give him food, put him in the tub and he begins to bathe himself. I yell at Doug for being so careless and letting him out. Then when I look back at Huxley, he is completely clean and looks completely normal. I wake up due to the confusing logic I try to figure out.


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