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My journal was reviewed

Review for penguinfairy

1. Biography (8 points) 2 points each

A. Does it tell anything about the user?
Biography will tell about the user. It will be original. Do they have interests listed?
Yes it tells about her. She has all of her interests used up as well. 2/2
B. Is the biography creative?
Did the user put thought into their biography? Does it have personal touches.
It doesn't look like there was an extreme amount of thought, but she told a lot about herself and she put a link that tells how many days until her birthday. 1/2
C. Can you contact the user?
Do they have an email address listed? Do they have a messenger service? or a website? Can you overall contact the user? Are the comments enabled? Can anyone comment or just some people?
She has Email, AOL IM, and a Yahoo! ID. 2/2
D. Overall does the users bio make you want to read the journal?
I believe I would, because I like how she told people that it was HER journal and she'd put what she wanted to put in it. 2/2

Total score: 7/8

2. Journal (36 points) 6 points each

A. Frequency of posts -
Are there large gaps between posts? Do they post too often? Do they note that they will be out of town?
There are hardly any gaps. A few in March that I see, but other than that she keeps up with her journal very well. Some days she had a lot, and some she only had 1. 6/6
B. Depth of posts -
Do they actually talk about something in their posts? Do they just ramble on about nothing? Do they make you want to keep reading? Does it sound like they know what they are talking about? Do they post one sentence about nothing? Do they just post quizzes?
There were a few one liner posts. She talks about her life and the things she did on that certain day. There were also a few quizzes. 5/6
C. Does the journal flow well?
Do they go off on tangents in the middle of an entry? Does it have a nice flow? Is it easy to read.
I found it very easy to read. Different subjects she's talking about don't run together, they are seperated and she doesn't sway from her topic very often. 6/6
D. Grammar -
Is the journal overall grammatically correct? Is the spelling, captialization, punctuation good? Is it easy to read?
There's some capitalization, but sometimes there isn't. The spelling looks good to me. Punctuation isn't that great, mainly because she doesn't mark all of her sentences with a period, but the commas are well placed. 3/6
E. Does the journal have variety?
Do they only talk about one thing? Do they have a good variety to their journal? Do they post about different things? Do they have pictures and other items of interest?
She talks about everything happening from day to day. I liked it. There were a couple quizzes. 5/6
F. Do they have User Pictures?
Are their pictures unique and creative? Do they seem to go with the journal? Can you see variety? Do they vary their user pictures? Do they have more than one user picture if any?
All 3 of her user pictures are used, and they are each of different things. I'm not sure, but one looks like she may have drawn it, it's very good. 6/6

Total Score: 32/36

3. Style ( 6 points)

G. Customizing the Journal
Are the links changed? Have they played with the settings?
Does it all go together? Does it look nice?
Can you read the journal without making it a friends entry? Is it creative?
We will note that not everyone can do HTML code and may not know how to do certain things. However creativity is the key
I liked the colors she used. The links were changed and centered. It looks like for a free user, she did fairly well. 4/6

Total Score: 4/6

Overall score: 43/50

Reviewer comments here -
I like the fact that she updates everyday. I really can't think of much to suggest improvement on besides the punctuation. Great journal.


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May. 1st, 2002 06:23 am (UTC)
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Sep. 9th, 2003 02:56 pm (UTC)
How do you get your journal reviewed? I want mine done!

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