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confused......what event should i talk about, my day has gone horribly wrong.....the past 48 hours weren't the greatest either... today i slept, i didn't go to school i was too dizzy, i've been dizzy for the past 3 weeks, this made me cry.
It made me cry that my parents don't care that i've been so dizzy, other things made me cry today. i left my house, and i cried. sometimes the only disease i feel i have is depression, but the treatment for that is too vague....way too vague

maybe i cried because of my dreams, i dreamt my cousin died, which was horrible, i dreamt that i could never contact the people i know now, and that i moved to England, the thought of that slowly kills me now....wow...

"Because love is when you fall asleep in my arms and wake up in my dreams." i read that in a story and i wished i wrote it, sometimes i read things and i hate relating to them.......too much...

I'm becoming too obsessed with it...i can't stop thinking about it, it's taking over me...but i guess it's all apart of being 16... i'm hating the age for it was the last age my brother knew...i wonder what age i am last to know...

If fire is to burn, and to burn surprises, whatever you need will be filled with compromises...you know not of the things I've done, but you're mistaken for i'm the one.
ramble is all i can do

last night i was so depressed at a store a cashier told me "don't look so sad" i wanted to spit at him
i wanted to tell him how it was inevitable, then i realized that i was in my car, and he was in his store selling away cancer to another customer.


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